Under Water Photography Tips

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Scuba Diving, Sea Diving or Swimming. Whatever be your way, but if you are interested in under water photography, then this is the place to gain information. Though many of us will agree that under water photography is an expensive hobby but that does not mean that you can afford to act frugal and thus miss this great experience. This article throws some light and gives an insight on this expensive yet an exquisite experience that one should enjoy at least once in their lives. Besides, various tips on the types of video cameras that one should invest in are also discussed.

The first and foremost thing to be decided upon is the budget? These video cameras are quite expensive so it is advisable not to constraint the budget. With new technology coming up everyday, do not feel as if the latest and most expensive camera will only let you the best shot. Today, even standard cameras work great and can capture some exceptional footage. Also remember that the most expensive cameras have very expensive add ons and accessories and even more maintenance requirements. Keep in mind the post expense of the camera which can be huge.

Application of the camera is also a crucial parameter in getting an under water video camera. First you need to decide the purpose of the camera, for example it is only a film for fun on holidays or there is some serous motives of becoming an ace photographer. These are important reasons on which your decision for purchasing a camera is dependent. In case you want it only for fun purpose then any consumer video camera available in the market will suffice. For a more commercial purpose you need to invest in a camera that boasts of more quality and a few extra controls.

In case you are planning to make a professional video and aim to win some competition on television then you need to squeeze your pocket a bit more and get one of those heavy looking professional cameras that are available in the video imaging industry. Always see the size and various features as deep down in the sea, where it is quiet dark it won't be easy for you to carry the load of a heavy camera.

Last but not the least, make a choice between the PAL and. NTSC video Cameras. These are two kinds of TV networks systems that affect the video footage as they use different frame rates. While PAL video systems record at 25 frames per second, NTSC systems record at 29.97 frames per second. In America, Japan, Korea & the Philippines NTSC (National Television System Committee) is used more widely while PAL (Phase Alternating Line) is the technology incorporated by the rest of the world.


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