Now Adhesives GO ECO Safe!

After fluid power, electronic and electrical goods and god knows what not, it is now the turn of the glue industry to wear the green garb. While most of us will be bamboozled on the prospect of a green adhesive, only a few realize the effect of harmful chemical reactions that take place as soon as these adhesives come in contact with the air. Thus, to take a step further in conserving the environment from getting devastated, researchers at Oregon State University have come up with a revolutionary adhesive that not only works better than the conventional glues but are much more eco friendly when compared.

The adhesives in discussion have been made with renewable sources and are aimed to act instrumental in replacing cancer causing adhesives that are available in the markets. This initiative by the researchers at Oregon University will definitely result beneficial in improving the environment as well as human health to quite an extent. Having advantages like emissions of low volatile organic compound, high performance and cost effectiveness, these glue in the material and chemical industry are free of hazardous air pollutants and ozone depletors and are also helpful in reducing the
environmental impact of building operation
, thus contributing to a safe and healthy indoors.

These adhesives are made from soy proteins, carbohydrates and lignin that besides being renewable sources are also water resistant. The researchers are of the opinion that not only this adhesive will be eco safe but the characteristics of high performance and formaldehyde-free adhesive makes this product much ahead of its established competitors. The idea of this product came from ocean mussels who use water resistant proteins to cling to rocks in order to avoid being washed away by the tide or surf.

Besides these there are various other adhesives and sealants that have unique abilities like polyether moisture that can cure technology that contains no solvents. Some of these glues are attributed with UV resistance and have faster curing time as well. As they are odorless, non toxic and contains a negligible amount of VOC's (volatile organic compounds), they are best to be used at any place and by anyone.

The adhesives manufacturers and suppliers have shown enthusiasm in adopting the green technology in their adhesives to reduce the hazardous impact in the environment. Though they are tied by certain challenges like the product economy, sustainability and specific applications, but still these have not posed a threat to their initiative. This is just a small wake up call for the consumers and a little step by the manufacturers of adhesives, towards a greener environment. Please use these adhesives to contribute in making the world a better place for you as well as your future generations.

Electrical and Electronics – Ways to Go Green

In the present world, which is moving a little too fast towards calamity, going green has not remained an option, but a do-or-die situation. Researchers all over the globe are trying to find out ways to go greener. In this attempt most of them have been successful as well. Since electronic devices have become huge part of our modern lives, it makes this category one of the most important ways to control damage to the environment. Today one of the most alarming concern is electronic waste. The land fill waste has increased so much that there is a need for the common masses to realize the potential danger and take steps to curb the world from getting devastated. One need not only confine their responsibilities to only speaking on these issues, but work towards implementing them through practicing right way of purchasing, usage, and disposal. Following are some of the tips to make electrical and electronic equipments go green.

Rechargeable Batteries – This is an instrumental step in combating energy waste. Instead of wasting money on disposable alkaline batteries, one is advised to go for rechargeable batteries instead. These are not only are economical but also help in reducing land fills. At an average estimate, a fully charged NiMH battery will last longer than an alkaline battery for one cycle.

Solar Powered Technology – Most of the everyday products available today, come with an alternate choice – Solar powered. Use sun to infuse its power in all the portable electronic gizmo in your life. Solar chargers utilize energy directly from the sun and turns it into usable power and as the solar energy is available for free it serves as a great energy resource.

Recycling Old Batteries and Electronics – Recycling is the key mantra in going green technology. Throwing old batteries in the dustbins or dumping your unused electronics without thinking is a big mistake. Be it any electrical or electronic equipment, they all contains hazardous toxics and metals. Therefore, before disposing them make necessary inquiries in the companies as today most of the companies transform these electrical components into usable materials.

Avoiding Vampire Power – Confused? Well most of us do not realize that even when the power switch is off, the electricity is consumed by the appliance. As long as a power cord is plugged into an outlet, current will flow through and run your electric bill up. For this one should spend in a smart power strip that detects when the electronic is switched off and cut its power.

Choosing Energy Efficient Electronics – While there are some products that consume less energy than others, some run vice versa. Opt for such alternatives that are in built with energy saving technology and choose from the options available. For example, a LCD TV consumes less energy than a plasma TV.

Recent Tech Trends That Effect the Business of Today

Running a business is not at all an easy task as it require patience, far sightedness and most importantly knack of learning the new tools and technologies that will give an extra impetus to the business. With the technology pacing at an accelerating rate, the businessmen of today need to be abreast with the latest gadgets coming out yearly and the fluctuations and changes in the technology sector. This write up tries to showcase some of the most upbeat trends in the technological world that companies need to incorporate in their day to day activity.

Sensitivity Towards Small Hardware

By this we mean that companies should install small hardware components like notebooks other than laptops and personal computers that form a vital part of the communication and networking equipments. Net books and notebooks are the fastest emerging personal computer in the year 2009. Their advantages includes in weight that is as less as 2 ponds and screen which is not bigger that 10 inches. Besides being cheaper than the traditional laptops, it is their portability that is catching the eye of the markets.

Being Vigilant Towards Data Storage and Transfer

Protecting the private data of any company is perhaps the most crucial way to restore the company's secrets. But in the contemporary world where its difficult to keep track of billions of data, the lost or misplaced data can be use against the interest of the company. For this the technology markets of the world have a solution – being vigilant towards the innovations in working practices. The company head should be aware whether the obsolete equipment may still have passwords saved on it, allowing new owners to access confidential networks.

The World is Going Green

This is perhaps the call of the times and in turn the companies all over the world too are reacting favorably to this. Green measures are being incorporated in the organizations all over the world as the new smart grid technologies are capable of saving up to 30 percent of electricity consumption. By installing smart grid, the companies and enterprises should use electricity distribution system that uses digital technology to eliminate waste and improve reliability. Today, a lot of companies and industries are earning a positive outlook if they are practicing greener methods irrespective of whether it is only in via the electrical and electronic means.

Better Ways of Communication

Becoming a common place in the year 2009, is the Unified Communication System. Bigger as well as small enterprise are adopting this technology that integrates various communication tools like the telephone, chat, calendar and customer profiles, and thus easier for small companies to keep track of their business. Integrating social media to the company's advantage is also a crucial step.

The above were just some of the trends that keeps one's business up on in this fast paces technological world. Are you catching up???

Hydraulic Hybrids – The Greener Side of Hydraulic Components

The higher rates of petrol is pinching every pocket in the world. With the rise in demand for petrol in the developing countries like India and China, the world's supply of oil is bound to get increasingly strained. Researchers have been involved in finding out means to combat this problem and for this some of the hybrid options that have been evolved are – fuel cells vehicles that run on hydrogen and emit only vapour, Bio Fuel vehicles that are made exclusively from plant materials and Electric Vehicles that run on rechargeable batteries. Though all these hybrid options have been a success in their own respective ways ans areas but all of them lack something. To counter this problem and develop an absolutely refined alternative, the Environmental Protection Agency has come up with Hydraulic Hybrids.

Though they install almost the similar concepts that of the electric vehicles but instead of using potentially pollutive and batteries, these incorporate lightweight components and clean fluid to power the vehicle while it's at slow speeds. This write up throws light on the methodology involved in these components of Fluid Power that makes them a sought after product in the automobile market.

Today, this technology can be found in almost all those cars that offer hybrid engineering. The main component is the lithium ion batteries that prove instrumental in moving the car. Available in both gasoline and electric version, batteries get charged though a process called regenerative braking. The brakes of the vehicle also planted in a manner as to whenever the car brake is applied, two pads squeeze the wheel, which causes friction and thus the car comes to a halt. As soon as the hybrid brakes are applied, the friction produced is used in recharging the battery. The battery thus powers the electric motor which in turn makes the car work.

Most of the hybrid car owners complain of slow speed, but thus hydraulic hybrid technology once the car hits 20 to 30 mph, the gas engine takes over and the car operates like any other. Hydraulic Hybrid cars are designed to use three main components to power a vehicle at slow speeds and to augment the gasoline engine. The fuel is stored in the low pressure reservoir, while the fluid is moved with the aid of a pump and high pressure accumulator. Besides, these three components, there is need of energy to start the car. Here the difference between the Hydraulic Hybrid cars and others lies in the functioning. While the hybrid cars send power to the electric motor, which then sends it to the drive shaft, the Hydraulic Hybrid vehicles uses the accumulator to send the energy directly to the drive shaft. Thus, the the vehicle accelerates, and the pump moves the fluid back to the reservoir, ready to charge the accumulator again.

The hybrid Hydraulic vehicles run on a simple mechanism but act very helpful in the conservation of fuel as well as saving the environment from harmful pollutants.

KEB's Gift to the Automation Market – Multi Axis Drive System

KEB's initiative of launching a multi-axis motion control solution on the drives market is the first approach of its kind in the motion controls industry. Combining various nuances like single-axis and multi-axis controllers, supply modules, regenerating units, motors, efficient cooling concepts and motion control functions to a drive system, this technology is being designed to be applicable with outputs up to 160 kW.

KEB is a renowned name in the motion control industry and has been serving the world for the past 35 years. Known for manufacturing high quality drive and control engineering, KEB products realize starting, stopping, positioning and control of complex machinery. Embellished with a great state of the art electronic and mechanical drive systems, the company through the launch of its new product is trying to expand its stand in the control drives sector of motion controls industry.

The advantage of this mechanism is that it will be possible to use them in the industries like mechanical and automation engineers in the robotics and handling, packaging, logistics, as well as wood, metal and plastics industry sectors as well. According to the head of marketing and sales at KEB, Norbert Schwabbauer, this initiative is extremely compact and the slim body of the same will act very instrumental in allowing them to fit conveniently in the control cabinet.

This multi Axis Drive system has a central opening so that the DC-interconnections are well interconnected and the operation too is fast and comfortable. Some of the unique features of the drive system are - a high performance 32-bit-CPU, CoDeSys 3.2 programming that allows programs in IEC 61131-3 languages and can take over PLC and motion-control-functions as well as numerical control (NC) tasks. The COMBIVERT H6 has an Ether CAT Master module and the consumer also has a choice of Ethernet-Interface which is available for local operation. Integration of safety functions is an added bonus.

The officials of the Germany based Company have announced two levels of integrated safety operation. While the first module level guarantees the safe disconnection of the supply voltage without additional software and also offers the he functions Safe Torque Off (STO) and Safe Brake Control (SBC), the second module ensures the users of safe inputs, a safe disconnection and a redundant micro controller structure. This technological product will also include safe speed reduction (SLS) technology along with safe operating stop (SOS), safe stop (SS1 and SS2).

This product that has been launched by the KEB is still being evolved and various safety function of the products are still in the planning stages.

CCTV Evaluation Services – The Hottest Trend in the Video Imaging Equipments Industry

To make a mark in the global market of video imaging equipments, a UK based CCTV Advisor company is all set to introduce a new service that will allow the video surveillance camera users to function efficiently and will also be suitable for providing Evidential Quality Video Recordings for possible court uses. Of recent it has come to notice that most of the CCTV security cameras that have been installed with the aim to capture useful Evidential Quality video recordings, have failed to do so.
The police too have expressed their concerns regarding the problem of poor quality video that the investigators have to counter while working on any case related to the CCTV security cameras.

Thus, to enhance the quality as well as performance of these CCTV cameras, VIPER, which is a new and unique CCTV service is being launched by a UK based CCTV advisor. This service provides an easy, affordable expert assessment of security camera performance. Based on the Video Image Performance Evaluation Report, this service will be the best way to indicate the working conditions of any CCTV cameras and also avail the information as to how well an individual camera is performing as a vital evidential security tool.

In addition, this service is claimed to be the first ever on line service, that can provide the CCTV Operators with unbiased and clear evidences along with an independent overview of precisely how their CCTV cameras are performing. This service also acts instrumental in technical issues that need to be rectified before installing these cameras. The users have the advantage of easy and simple installation and service. The owners of this camera only need to forward an image that has been captured form an individual surveillance camera and then a resulting VIPER assessment will be produced to report on the cameras technical and operational capabilities in 38 key areas.

These reports can be employed by any CCTV user and also there is no need to disclose the identity of the operator or even the location of the camera. The service providers claim this to be an exceptionally affordable, practical and secure solution for knowing whether the CCTV cameras are working well or not. At present, this assessing technology is applicable only for fixed video surveillance cameras, but the manufacturers are working on to extend its reach to remote control Pan and Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) units as well.

As per the principle CCTV advisor of the company, Jon, this service will help anyone to check whether their cameras are working well or not. This service will come as a relief to Law Enforcement Officers, who for long have been complaining about the extremely poor quality of many CCTV recordings.

Choosing the Best Electric Wires and Cables for Your Home

Test and measuring equipments do not find their application in the laboratories only. One such counterparts of them is the Electric and electronic test accessories. This segments includes Connectors, cables, and accessories for electrical and electronic testing are included in the electrical and electronic test accessories. Following are some of the basic types and tips that one should remember while purchasing these wires and cables for their homes or any other purpose.

If one is planning to indulge in the electrical work at home, he or she should be very clear regarding the types of conductors to be installed. Options of combination of single conductors or a multi conductor cable are available. Today the trend of using cable has become a rage as wires and wiring technique have their applications restricted to single conductors only. Single conductors come in two variants - THW and type THWN/THHN which are suitable for both dry as well as wet locations for temperatures up to 75 degrees Centigrade. Most of these wires and cables come inside protective metal or plastic conduit and one can buy either solid-core or stranded wire. While solid core wires are stiffer and thus difficult to snake through, they have the advantage of having better connectivity.

The variety of cables present in the test and measurement equipments industry is also wide. Cables are are typically referred to the combination of neutral wire, one or two hot wires, and a grounding wire inside a plastic or metal covering. Lest have a brief look on some of the types of cable available in the measurement and test equipments market.

Non Metallic Sheath Cables – These are widely used for interior projects and is sold by the foot or in boxes that house from 25 to 250 feet of coiled cable. They are suited only for dry locations and can withstand temperature up to 60 degree Centigrade.

Armoured Cables – These power cables are designed for the supply of mains electricity. They are mostly found in underground systems, power networks and cable ducting and can be used only on multicore versions of the cable.

Besides the above mentioned there is MC types of cables that too are used for indoor applications but are relatively more expensive.
In addition to the types, cables are bifurcated as per their sizes and the number of containers they contain. For example, any cable that contains one neutral and one hot wire is referred as two wire cable. The diameter of the cables is also considered. The larger the wire's diameter, the larger its current carrying capacity, or ampacity, and the lower its gauge number. One can find these numbers on the cable sheathings. The most important tip however is that if you're considering one of these wires, first check your local electrical codes.

Spic and Span in the Sensors Transducers and Detectors Industry

The sensors transducers and detectors industry in the engineering and scientific products is a thriving one. The wide application of these devices has also been a favorable reason for the humongous expansion in the technology of transducers, detectors and sensors. The definition of the terms Sensors, transducers and detectors categorize all the components of those devices that performs the task of monitoring, measuring, testing, recording, analyzing and displaying data as generated due to changes in a measured norm. This write up provides information about some of the most upbeat sensors and detectors that have recently been launched in the engineering and scientific markets all over the world.

1.Digital Wave Front Sensors – In an attempt to meet the demand of applications like optics, laser beam analysis and ophthalmology, Phase view, a successful digital wave front company, launched its coveted Digital Wave Sensors (DWS) at the Photonics West 2009 in California, US. With the aim to deliver fast and reliable evaluation of wavefronts with high performances at any wavelengths, these wave sensors measure a resolution of around 360,000 points. Available at a measurement of 600 x 600 points, DWS is capable of yielding l/100 accuracy and l/200 sensitivity and at the same time can also avail a dynamic range of 1500l for the wavelength range between 350nm and 1100nm. It is capable of obtaining high resolution intensity and propagate the beam at one location on a 1M pixel CCD array camera. Some other advantages of this sensor equipment include light-weight packaging, insensitivity to vibrations, fast 3D measurement, available in both turnkey and OEM versions, axial repeatability of 10nm can be achieved and areas of up to 100 x 100um can be measured and processed with enhanced software stitching capability.

2.Infrared Photo Detectors – Including assets like operation at high gain with low noise, better sensitivity, longer range and lower laser power, quantum cryptography, optical time domain reflectometry, near-infrared Raman spectroscopy, biomedical NIR spectroscopy, time-resolved emission detection for failure analysis, and singlet oxygen detection, this product is also a hit in the global detectors market. This Near Infrared photo detectors that has a multiplication device carriers was launched with the aim to overcome the limitations of avalanche photo diodes in the 0.9 to 1.6 micron spectral region. Exceeding the capabilities of APDs in both gain and noise performance their application is possible widely in Lidar, telecommunications, and other active optical systems.

3.Acoustic Audio Lenses – With the focus to stand out with their innovation, Sausalito Audio has released a new speaker design that touted as being the best device to flatten out high beams and reduce the floor and ceiling reflections. The founders of this company claims that benefits like 180 degree dispersion for the average listener will make this launch an invariable success in the segment of acoustic audio equipment.

World's First Fully Integrated Doherty Amplifiers by NXP

Of recent the semiconductors industry has seen another boost being added to its credential – Fully Integrated Doherty Amplifiers. This products was launched by NXP Semiconductors, the independent semiconductor company founded by Philips more than 50 years ago. With its headquarters in Europe, Next E Experience (NXP) creates semiconductors, system solutions and software that is known to deliver better sensory experiences in TVs, set-top boxes, identification applications, mobile phones, cars and a wide range of other electronic devices.

This time the company has launched its unique amplifier which is claimed to be the world's first amplifier that is fully integrated and can be applied on the similar pattern that is installed by a standard class AB transistor. Christened as NXP BLD6G21-50 and BLD6G22-50 amplifiers, these devices are becoming a hit in the semiconductor markets all over the world. Reduced design size and operational costs commingled with highest power efficiency is the unique selling attribute of this amplifier. They have been designed specially for TD-SCDMA and WCDMA base stations.

Having the advantages like eliminating the need for extra tuning during manufacturing, providing significant cost efficiencies during the development process of cellular base station power amplifiers, these Doherty amplifiers integrate frequencies from 2010 MHz to 2025 MHz and both the main and peak devices are fused with input splitter and output combiner that allows the amplifiers to minimize their required board space. Besides, there are two additional pins that act instrumental in external biasing purposes.

The company claims to have developed this products in order to suffice the demand from the base station providers and telecommunication operators. As per Mark Murphy, the Director of marketing for RF power products, NXP Semiconductors, "Integrated Doherty technology is considered a holy grail in amplifiers,". The director also expedited on the various advantages and challenges that can be overcome by the application of this amplifier.

Having smallest designs loaded with record efficiency, capable of cutting total system power consumption reduce cost while boosting performance are some of the benefits that are luring the consumers to opt for this amplifier present in the semiconductor industry. This innovation offers ease of design while delivering unsurpassed efficiency of 40% at an average power of 10W, thus enabling 5% lower power dissipation under multi-carrier signal operation compared to class AB amplifiers.

Next E Experience also credits itself with line-ups of RF power transistors operating from 800 MHz right up to 3.8 GHz for base stations, covering all cellular technologies. The amplifier that is still in the sampling process is being scheduled to be available in the markets throughout the year.

Greener Glass Packaging – For the Consumers of Today

The steep rise in the demand for purer, greener and sustainable products, is becoming stronger than ever. In this context the manufacturers as well as suppliers of glass materials, that is widely installed in the process and manufacturing equipments, have become sensitive towards the need for the same in this industry as well. In the context of America, it is only glass materials that are considered safe against the use of chemicals associated with alternative packaging materials. Researches in the process and manufacturing equipments industry have been going on to produce glass containers that are stronger and lighter than ever before. This initiative is being implemented to increase the amount of quality that is collected for making new glass containers at manufacturing plants.

After rigorous experimentation, the researchers have been successful in manufacturing 100% recyclable glass containers. Labeling them as a sustainable product, these glass containers will suffice the consumers demand for greener process equipments and manufacturing devices. Glass which prides itself with having a legacy of 400 years will witness a great rise in the year 2009. It is being estimated that the green revolution which has enveloped almost every market is sure to earn the glass materials industry its due importance.

The advantages of recycling, environmental and health benefits of choosing glass containers above anything else is surely going to help the glass industry to go green further. A survey conducted by Opinion Research for GPI (Glass Packaging Institute) claims to have found a majority of Americans (54%) who believe packaging materials that cannot be recycled an unlimited number of times are not actually recyclable. Thus, glass became the unanimous choice for process and manufacturing equipments for socially responsible manufacturers and their customers.

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) of America, it was found that 28.1% of all glass containers were recycled, in the year 2007. As far as the glass beer and soft drink bottles are concerned, the rise here was 34.5%, up from 30.7% in 2006. There has also been a significant rise in the recycling of glass and other containers in public spaces and at public events.

Researchers are of the opine that the rise in demand for reusable glass containers will ensure reduced energy costs which will further act instrumental in meeting enhanced regulatory standards for air emissions at glass manufacturing plants. This is a welcoming initiative in any sense and the efforts of GPI in coaxing the people to recycle more glass containers is very effective. This will not only help the manufacturers of glass materials to put a control on unnecessary waste of energy but will also satisfy the conscious citizens of saving the environment to a certain extent.

Revolutionizing LEDs : Bringing Relief In Cancer Clinical Trials

Light emitting diodes that were earlier associated as only an electronic light source, today has become a part of a noble cause – to help cure a person of cancer. This might sound a little abhorrent, but the truth is that the professors of neurology, pediatrics and hyper baric medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin are convinced, that using LEDs can improve a bone-marrow transplant patient's quality of life, after conducting several successful human trials.

This light emitting diode, an indispensable part of the optics and optical components, ensures a painless and secure process wherein an array of light helps ease or prevent some of the pain and discomfort associated with cancer treatment. This clinical trial is presently in its second part. As the first part was very encouraging, the doctors could not resist themselves from indulging in the expansion of these trials to several U.S. and foreign hospitals.

The scientists as well as the researchers are of the opine that the cells exposed to near infrared light from LEDs, grow 150 to 200 percent faster than cells not stimulated by such light. Thus, the healing process speeds up as the light arrays increase energy inside these cells. It came to notice that in the first trial, the use of LEDs showed a significant relief to pediatric bone-marrow transplant patients suffering the ravages of oral mucositis. Thus, LEDs were found to be effective in overcoming the common side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. It was also found to be effective in the reduction of the mucositis problem which is very painful.

The treatment device that is creating this magic is the 3-by-5-inch portable, flat array of light-emitting diodes that is held on the outside of the patients cheek. However, a foil is placed between the flesh and the LED array to avoid any kind of sham treatment. This clinical trial will go on for about three more years to complete with a total of 80 patients.

After comparing the result of the first trial it was found that the percentage of patients with ulcerative oral mucositis to historical epidemiological controls were just 53 percent of the treated patients in the bone- marrow transplant group developed mucositis, considerably less than the usual rate of 70-90 percent. The researchers are still awaiting the the approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, before the device can be made available for widespread use.

These Leds have proven to be of utmost importance in hundreds of applications. Among the optics and optical market, these light emitting diodes are also known to be beneficial in providing lights for plants that are grown on the Space Station as part of commercial experiments sponsored by NASA industry.