Electrical and Electronics – Ways to Go Green

In the present world, which is moving a little too fast towards calamity, going green has not remained an option, but a do-or-die situation. Researchers all over the globe are trying to find out ways to go greener. In this attempt most of them have been successful as well. Since electronic devices have become huge part of our modern lives, it makes this category one of the most important ways to control damage to the environment. Today one of the most alarming concern is electronic waste. The land fill waste has increased so much that there is a need for the common masses to realize the potential danger and take steps to curb the world from getting devastated. One need not only confine their responsibilities to only speaking on these issues, but work towards implementing them through practicing right way of purchasing, usage, and disposal. Following are some of the tips to make electrical and electronic equipments go green.

Rechargeable Batteries – This is an instrumental step in combating energy waste. Instead of wasting money on disposable alkaline batteries, one is advised to go for rechargeable batteries instead. These are not only are economical but also help in reducing land fills. At an average estimate, a fully charged NiMH battery will last longer than an alkaline battery for one cycle.

Solar Powered Technology – Most of the everyday products available today, come with an alternate choice – Solar powered. Use sun to infuse its power in all the portable electronic gizmo in your life. Solar chargers utilize energy directly from the sun and turns it into usable power and as the solar energy is available for free it serves as a great energy resource.

Recycling Old Batteries and Electronics – Recycling is the key mantra in going green technology. Throwing old batteries in the dustbins or dumping your unused electronics without thinking is a big mistake. Be it any electrical or electronic equipment, they all contains hazardous toxics and metals. Therefore, before disposing them make necessary inquiries in the companies as today most of the companies transform these electrical components into usable materials.

Avoiding Vampire Power – Confused? Well most of us do not realize that even when the power switch is off, the electricity is consumed by the appliance. As long as a power cord is plugged into an outlet, current will flow through and run your electric bill up. For this one should spend in a smart power strip that detects when the electronic is switched off and cut its power.

Choosing Energy Efficient Electronics – While there are some products that consume less energy than others, some run vice versa. Opt for such alternatives that are in built with energy saving technology and choose from the options available. For example, a LCD TV consumes less energy than a plasma TV.


Theresa said...

Rechargeable batteries can be recycled after they can no longer hold a proper charge. Find a participating drop-off location by visiting www.callrecycle.org.

Zab Clement said...

Thanks for listing these tips. Our electrical supplies were bought form Panther.ph and all of them were environment friendly. I'm looking forward to read more of your post about green electronics. Thanks!

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