CCTV Evaluation Services – The Hottest Trend in the Video Imaging Equipments Industry

To make a mark in the global market of video imaging equipments, a UK based CCTV Advisor company is all set to introduce a new service that will allow the video surveillance camera users to function efficiently and will also be suitable for providing Evidential Quality Video Recordings for possible court uses. Of recent it has come to notice that most of the CCTV security cameras that have been installed with the aim to capture useful Evidential Quality video recordings, have failed to do so.
The police too have expressed their concerns regarding the problem of poor quality video that the investigators have to counter while working on any case related to the CCTV security cameras.

Thus, to enhance the quality as well as performance of these CCTV cameras, VIPER, which is a new and unique CCTV service is being launched by a UK based CCTV advisor. This service provides an easy, affordable expert assessment of security camera performance. Based on the Video Image Performance Evaluation Report, this service will be the best way to indicate the working conditions of any CCTV cameras and also avail the information as to how well an individual camera is performing as a vital evidential security tool.

In addition, this service is claimed to be the first ever on line service, that can provide the CCTV Operators with unbiased and clear evidences along with an independent overview of precisely how their CCTV cameras are performing. This service also acts instrumental in technical issues that need to be rectified before installing these cameras. The users have the advantage of easy and simple installation and service. The owners of this camera only need to forward an image that has been captured form an individual surveillance camera and then a resulting VIPER assessment will be produced to report on the cameras technical and operational capabilities in 38 key areas.

These reports can be employed by any CCTV user and also there is no need to disclose the identity of the operator or even the location of the camera. The service providers claim this to be an exceptionally affordable, practical and secure solution for knowing whether the CCTV cameras are working well or not. At present, this assessing technology is applicable only for fixed video surveillance cameras, but the manufacturers are working on to extend its reach to remote control Pan and Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) units as well.

As per the principle CCTV advisor of the company, Jon, this service will help anyone to check whether their cameras are working well or not. This service will come as a relief to Law Enforcement Officers, who for long have been complaining about the extremely poor quality of many CCTV recordings.


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