Active Pre load System for Bearings – The Recent From Mechanical Components

Mechanical components is one of the most flourishing industry all over the world. Popular for its wide range of items and devices that are designed to handle, induce, or drive mechanical systems, this time the industry has taken a step forward by launching a new active pre load systems for its bearing segment.

This is a new system where the ball bearings are permitted for variations as per the command. Implementation of this technology can result in the vast application of these active pre loaded system ball bearings to realize the numerous benefits and increase its performance. This concept was launched in order to set the pre load to a high level or low level to judge whether the bearing alignment and stiffness are in compliance with the requirement of such device.

Ball bearings are one of the most widely used components of the mechanical components industry that provides a defined stiffness to the supported pay load. The ball bearings are usually pre loaded application that install a pre selected internal axial load. The main advantages of these active pre loaded ball bearings system includes defined stiffness, reduction in the suspect ability of the bearings and depletion of lubricants with limit permit bearing indentation.

The applications of these active pre load systems in the mechanical components is vast. They are widely used in industries where large thermal gradients may be present. Here these bearings are used to perform the task of tolerating the low bearing stiffness and also provide the means of snubbing to the supported mass during the vibration that is caused by contact with polymeric elements. In case of sliding interfaces, the active ball bearings ensure that proper sliding is maintained through the vibration. Thanks to the ability to harden and lubricate the sliding surfaces, which makes this application a possible success.

The conventional pre loading system of ball bearings encountered the disadvantage of setting a high pre load in order to protect the bearings. Thus, in answer, came the active pre loaded system ball bearings that not only increases the use of pre loaded bearings for a lifetime but also decreasing the operational life time significantly. Thus a few very significant features that have made this technology a hit in the mechanical components industry are -

1.The low cost and complexity requires no assembly and adjustments as compared to the conventional ball bearings.

2.It has high tolerance and can use direct acting linear that makes it sufficiently flexible to accommodate.

3.It ensures the user of a reliable operation and synchronized actuation by installing multiple flexural elements.

4.High ratio transmission, non lineral transmission facilities, low stiffness at low pre loads and semi rigid stiffness at high pre loads make it a popular device.

5.Its actuation displacement profile and over center actuation provides a balanced high pre load states with no holding power.

Mega Packaging Trends – Traditional Plastic Giving Way to Bio Plastic

In recent times, the world (including third world countries) is becoming cognizant about the hazardous effects of plastic bags on the environment. To counter this, researchers have come up with Bio Plastics. Though bio plastics are not regarded as competition for the traditional packaging, they definitely are a complement. Bioplastics can be defined as plastics that are partly or fully derived from renewable resources and are convertible as well as biodegradable.

Some of the main advantages of bioplastic include potential to generate less greenhouse gases and it also requires less energy to produce when compared to conventional plastics. The manufacturers as well as suppliers of these material handling and bioplastics industry also claim that as these contemporary plastics are made from renewable sources, hence have they the advantage of being compost and when burnt, it produces greener energy since the renewable carbon content of the raw materials is recycled back into carbon dioxide. An example of bio plastic is polylactic acid which is manufactured from renewable sources and is known to have been chemically recycled through hydrolysis into PLA feedstock lactic acid. Polyethylene, which is being manufactured from sugarcane waste in Brazil is also a successful example of bio degradable plastics.

Besides, bio plastics made from petrochemical sources too are becoming a favourite among the people. Although they appear like traditional plastics in appearance, but the characteristics of both are poles apart. Some other resources from which these bio plastics can be produces are starch based plastics, Poly-3-hydroxybutyrate, Polyamide 11 and genetically modified bio plastics.

The application of these plastics materials packaging and handling are wide as they are gaining immense popularity among the environment conscious people. New, durable as well as disposable bio plastics are being developed, thanks to the range of bio plastics available today. Since the production of them is regarded as a more sustainable activity thus the use of bioplastics is especially popular for disposable items, such as packaging and catering items. Their attribute of being reusable, also makes it an indispensable choice for shopping bags. Trays and containers for a wide variety of perishable goods is also produced from bioplastics. Non-disposable applications include mobile phone casings, carpet fibres, and car interiors, fuel line and plastic pipe applications. The recent trend in non disposable implication include electro active bioplastics that are being developed to carry electrical current.

Some of the basic shortcomings that are confronted by the manufacturers involved in the packaging of bio plastics are - dependence on petroleum as an energy and materials source and the recycling process, which can be unreliable and expensive.

In this context the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) is planning to hold its highly successful National Technical Forums alongside AUSPACK, on the 17 and 18 of June, 2009. The theme of the event is aimed to be Packaging MEGA Trends that will emphasize on the key trends in the packaging and material handling industry all over the world. For the successful implementation of this event, Packaging Magazine has collaborated with the Australian Institute of Packaging to identify the Packaging Mega Trends of 2009 and the expected participation is more than 300 people.

Latest Vogue in Laboratory and Scientific Technology - Lab Automation and Robotics

The scientists of today have the good luck of increased productivity and lower costs for laboratories and thus, more creative time for individual researchers. Thanks to the lab automation and robotics that avails the researchers with the advantages of shorter time and lower cost. One of the main development in the lab automation and robotics industry is the understanding the nature of life stems in large measure from the discovery and development of fundamental tools and techniques. Another important development in the high throughput sequencing are micro arrays, that are the reasons behind the speeding up of the work carried out in the laboratory. In the contemporary world, this new trend in the laboratory and scientific lab ware have helped the scientists by making the experiment process steady with scientific tools like lab instruments, and various other kits and reagents that can prepare samples, run experiments, and analyze results.

Though some of the basic laboratory modus operandi includes dedicated work stations and software to program instrument, of recent an absolute functional robotic version that minimizes the manual work, is also being found invariably. This means that the robotic technology can reduce the time involved in the processes like pipetting, moving plates around, and various types of assay. The typical workday of individual scientists have been transformed due to the creativity, imagination and hard labor that goes in the research in the field of science and technology. Lab automation and Robotics has helped the scientist in saving time as now they can set up, run, and analyze the results of experiments in a fraction of the time they needed in the past. Thus, now the scientists have more time to think creatively about the implications of their experimentation and to design effective follow-up projects or develop alternative approaches to their work.

Not only this, the scope of application of these robotics and lab automation is very wide. Besides being used in the multiple pipettes for a thorough operation, various pharmaceutical company too want to make all their phases of research, automated. This newest trend in the laboratory market instruments assists the scientists to automate many basic laboratory procedures with minimal effort. Some of the main areas where the implementation of this technology is needed at large are laboratories that work with DNA sequencing, Genomics and micro satellite analysis.

Though this is fast becoming one of the most important requirement in any modern laboratory, the selection of them is a tedious and critical process. Any laboratory that aims to install this system must decide on which semi-automated or fully automated system to purchase. Other crucial factors to be kept in the mind are the need for this automation, the assay format used by the laboratory, technical support required by the lab automation and robotics and the potential disadvantages that can crop up after the installation of this system. Besides the consumer, the manufacturers of these laboratory and scientific instruments too need to take care. It is important for them to emphasize on the format of the product as their shapes, sizes and functions can vary significantly.

These lab automation and robotics are fast becoming a rage in the laboratory and scientific products Industry and the manufacturers and suppliers of these lab equipments are working to broaden the range of assays that can be done on a system.

Steel Rule Die Cutting – New Nuance in Fabrication and Manufacturing Industry

Fabrication and manufacturing are hard core industrial terms that are applied to the building of machines, structures and other equipment, by cutting, shaping and assembling components made from raw materials used for the purpose of sale. Of recent the markets of a variety of components all over the world have seen tremendous growth in terms of technology and ideas, and so has the fabrication and manufacturing industry.

The latest from this sector is the steel rule die cutting process that is used to cut a range of sheet materials including paper, cardboard, rubber and plastic. Although many manufacturers and suppliers of fabrication devices might have come across this term, but getting an insight in it would not have been quite possible. This article takes about the various process and advantages along with the varieties that revolve around steel rule die cutting. This is clearly termed as a straightforward technique wherein most standard cardboard boxes and packages are made. Besides cutting the shape, steel rule die can be used to create creases, perforations and slits as well.

This die is made out of a flat base or substrate which is generally crafted out from a high-grade and high-density plywood. Although the manufacturers can also install steel and aluminum substrates for the purpose, the die makers for this process involve special band saw or laser cutter to cut precisely positioned slits into the substrate. Owing to the fact that the steel rule itself is is essentially an elongated razor blade made out of hardened steel, the process of cutting becomes easier. The next step performed is to cut and bend the steel rule and position it into the slits in the substrate. The last but the most important step installed in this steel rule die cutting process is to add the ejection rubber after the material is cut. This is essential in avoiding the material to get stuck amongst the steel rules. Thus the combination of substrate, steel rule and ejection rubber forms the steel rule die.

In the manufacturing and fabrication markets a wide array of steel rules are available that can be classified as per their thickness and relevant application. Some of the most commonly used steel rules are Center bevel that has the most durable configuration and its cutting edge is appropriately centered between the two faces of the rule. Another variant is the facet bevel that is shaped more like a diamond and tends to provide cleaner cuts. The flush bevel is uses a cutting edge that is in line with one of the faces of the rule. The disadvantage of this type of die cutting is lesser longevity. Last but not the least is the side bevel that has the cutting edge slightly off center and has the advantage of good cutting quality as well as longevity.

Steel rule die cutting is an important process involved in the fabrication and manufacturing industry and can be used for cutting more exotic materials. Though it may be termed as a little expensive but it has certainly proven itself to be the most effective way of cutting soft sheet goods.

Water Treatment Control Valves – The Need of the Hour

The spate in the demand for luxury homes have created a cushioned pressure on the valves manufacturers and suppliers to produce valves that are compatible with high-flow fixture demands. Valves form an important component in the flow transfer and flow control industry. The recent trends in construction industry has the strict interpretation of plumbing codes, which forces the water treatment industry to offer systems with higher flow ratings. Though this is a genuine need but there are various problems encountered, related to actual flow rates. Gone are the days of the traditional fixture count method to control flows. Today the system manufacturer needs to carefully consider all components that are used to assemble the system when designing a water treatment to meet a specific flow requirement.
The demand of 11/4-inch plumbing in residential applications by the construction and building industry is rising. Earlier when only 0.75-inch plumbing was required in a home, today any new home utilizes 1-inch or more plumbing to supply three or more bathrooms, two kitchen sinks, a bar sink, hot tub, laundry sink, mud room sink, soft water hose bib and two hard-water hose bibs. This race has led the people to look for new technologies for their homes. To solve the purpose Fleck Controls marketed its product under the name 3200NT Network Controller. The key advantage of this valve is to fit the standard environmental power heads and use a simplified wiring harness for easy servicing. By installing this specific valve one need not stock special wiring that is needed for creating a shorter lead time. It can be also used to configure any system type, completely eliminating the need to stock special wired systems. Simple installation, improved functionality, plug in wiring, single electronic controller for various systems thus reducing the total cost borne by the customer are a few conspicuous advantages of these valves. Their application involves more simplified solutions that will cover everything from simple commercial softeners to high-purity process water.

Besides, the attributes like limited field wiring of low voltage up to 24VAC power wiring, electronic meter cables and standard telephone cables that acts instrumental in evading the need to hire an electrician, make this component more desirable. The application of these mechanical control valves can range from simple water softeners for restaurants and apartment buildings to boiler feed water and high-purity process water. It is this facet of wide scope that a lot many builders are opting for it.

The modern technology involved in the methodology of these flow control valves includes circuit board with communication capability that allows the controllers to communicate through a simple RJ 45 phone cable, built in functionality and enhanced capability. The manufacturers of 3200NT Network Controller are of the opine that this product is a window to the future technologies that are going to arrest the manufacturing and fabrication industry in the near future. The flow control concept is a basic control package that can be used as a building block for improved products in the future that are faster to market and compatible with existing market technology.

Computer Peripherals - 5 Keyboards to Look Out For

The most common thing that one does while sitting on a computer is – typing. Have you imagined how would it feel or what will it take to enjoy the boring task of typing on the oh-so-monotonous keyboard! Choosing a comfortable and high quality keyboard is always a priority but when it is added with an extra zing of fun and technology, there is not much harm done. Find below some of the most technologically advanced computer peripherals in form of keyboards that form an indispensable part of the industrial computer components.

1.G11 Gaming Keyboard from Logitech – Though it aims at catering the gamers, it is fun to work upon for non gamers as well. The various key advantages like programmable keys to an sturdy, effective design makes it truly a desirable pick. This is a perfect keyboard in almost every aspect and with it in use, the enormously smooth typing action doesn't hurt at all.

2.Saitek Eclipse III Illuminated Keyboard – Bedecked with various functions like multiple color and dimming options large, sturdy design and great comfort is the Saitek Eclipse III Illuminated Keyboard that is sure to give jolts to your ever finicky job. It has a back light that can add some fun to your computer experience. Easy set up and power scheme with simple USB port makes this computer component even more desirable.

3.Multimedia Illuminated Keyboard from Addeso – If you belong to the genre of people who spend a lot of time in front of the PC and that too in the dark, then is keyboard is a blessing for you. Having a high quality back light with is certainly much better than the other keyboards, this computer peripheral is great fun to work on. Its main features include ultra bright illumination, multimedia capability, and a striking modern design to make your heads turn. It is definitely the best option for those who wanted to have a great gaming experience, and that too in the dark.

4.Madcatz Cyborg Gaming Keyboard – True to its name, this macho looking keyboard is made for gamers. The features of this computer peripheral however, makes it a hit among non gamers as well. Including features like programmable keys, attractive back light and easy connectivity to the USB port, make this keyboard a great option for those who just love jabbing at the keys. Enhanced game playing features and sci fi looking peripherals make this keyboard a must have in the home.

5.Saitek Eclipse II Illuminated Keyboard – In line with the above mentioned keyboard, is the Saitek Eclipse II illuminated Keyboard that offers 3 colors and a dimmer switch that is even more advance than its previous keyboard. This cool looking modern, high quality keyboard without all the extra buttons and customizable functionality is an extension of the Saitek Eclipse III Illuminated, but only for the better.

These keyboards are the latest from the industrial computer components industry that are surely going to make your typing and gaming experience a much enjoyable activity.

Trends and Developments in Lubricants Industry

Industrial Lubricants, that form an essential part of the Industrial materials and chemicals, is getting a face lift by the European Commission which is planning to introduce a new ECO label for lubrication within the EC. This initiative is being planned to promote the design, production and use of products with a reduced environmental impact throughout the life cycle of any lubricant. The target of the European commission will be the total loss lubricant which has also been designed to promote saving of exhaustible energy resources and high performance during usage to cut energy consumption along with saving exhaustible energy resources.

European Commission is of the view that new lubricants have lower environmental impacts and the focus of the organization will be on renewable resources and the bio-accumulative impact of lost lubricants. The availability of lubricants that are made from biological sources like like vegetable oils, can produce toxic by-products at high temperatures and thus can be harmful. Therefore, the Commission has cleared the air by stating that ECO labeled lubricants are not "safe" or "ecologically sound" for the use in a specific area of glass production. This manufacturers and suppliers of Industrial chemicals and materials use the total loss system for lubricants.

With the rise in level of global warming at alarming rates, many organizations have realized the concern of smoke emissions, health, safety and in the future, environmental issues. To counter this, the glass manufacturers are being coxed to change from using low priced lubricants and are thinking in terms of whole process costs and responding to future regulations.

Some of the most popular environmental friendly lubricants present in the industrial materials and chemicals market are -

IS machine oil for general lubrication – This lubricant offers extreme low consumption, low toxicity levels and has major health and safety advantages over other lubricants, including synthetic lubricants. It contains no renewable material and therefore it cannot be accounted as biodegradability and environmental friendly lubricant in the industrial materials and chemicals industry.

Blank Mould Lubricants – This type of lubricant has been successful in enabling higher production rates through its significantly extended swab intervals. Their advantage includes reducing smoke, oil mist and reducing the level of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon.

Ring Oils – In addition to the Blank Mould Lubricants, are the ring oils that require specific ring oils as they are consistently stable and require less lubrication, thus making the machine work faster.

Gob shear lubrication – This type of lubrication is able to perform excellently at high mixing ratios up to 0.1. These industrial products are also based on animal fats and with emulsifiers and their major concern is biodegradability.

New Shear Lubricants – Complying with the latest directives are the new shear lubricants that are based on a water-soluble system and can be used for high mixing ratios up to 0.1%. This is a colorless transparent solution that is not made of animal fat or vegetable oil. Skin tolerance is excellent and final product can be disposed without any problem.

Transferring Technology – Avionics Grade Wire and Cable

Doing more with less is the catchword of wires and cables that are one of the most important component in the electrical electronic components market. While many of us will argue that it is the wireless connection that is truly in vogue, but the fact remains that wires and cables have managed to remain indispensable to the efficient functioning of many electronic products - connecting them to a power source, a network or other devices. Of recent their potential have been further acknowledged in the aviation industry. The bandwidth capability of these wires and cables are best suited for airlines and corporate operators to load their in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems with more movies, more music, more games and more connectivity. Their advantages include smaller gauge wires and cables, better capacity and less weight. When used with different materials like Teflon types, the weight can be reduced further.

With the focus industry being shifted from consumer electronics to aviation, the applications of these electrical components expands to putting multiple types of input down the same cable. The challenge however, lies in matching that with speed, increased memory capacity and the desire to have a smaller pipe with lower weight and greater capacity.

The manufacturers and suppliers of these electrical wires and cables industry are of the opinion that desire to push more and more data down the pipeline will eventually lead to more widespread use of fiber optic cable instead of copper. The big companies like Time Warner are leading the way in the transition from coax to fiber, and many customers in places like New York are seeing fiber come right to their houses. However, to reach the aviation industry, such advancements will take some significant time.

The desire to reduce weight is the most important concern that has gripped the wire and cable industry. With companies like Emteq recently introducing new, lighter weight coaxial cables that save weight compared to conventional RG and Mil-C-17 cables, the competition is getting tougher. Another challenge for the wire and cable of electrical industry, is the realignment in OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) priorities that has led to a shift away from designing for functionality to designing for expediency. The aviation industry is taking great care to avoid the cluster of wires and cables that keeps sneaking out of the electronic flight bags.

The growing acceptance of these electronic flight bags have created a new market for the wire and cable industry where these EFB's are installed into a fixed mount. The coiled cord aids in the maintenance of the integrity of the wire within. The wire and cable companies can enjoy the benefit of this service by getting involved in standards-setting organizations like ARINC, which can assist them in taking account of things like cable installation and survivability when new standards for avionics are being promulgated.

The main challenge for the wire and cable industry is to get into the front end of the design and to use the knowledge that can prevent problems from occurring in the first place. However, the avionics engineers are sure to overcome these technical issues with time and precision.

Networking Going Wireless

'Networking Going Wireless' seems to be a confounding statement, as most of the people associate networking with communication technologies, that are connected only via wires. For most of us the introduction of mobile phones and Internet (that are most rudiment areas representing wireless technology) did come as a great surprise, but thereafter the researchers have not seized to think of other potential ways of making the world go wi fi. This article throws light on such gadgets in the communication and networking components, which humans could never have conceived to be going wireless.

1.Wi Fi Bath – This term already sends a tingling effect to one's stomach. True to its name, this is a unique bathing technology wherein various pre-defined multimedia compositions constructed from sound vibration, customizable chroma therapy (flashing differently colored lights) and music, designed to ease your troubles as it guides you to profound relaxation. Called as Kohler Fountainhead VibrAcoustic bath, this is truly a revolution in bathing. After installing this, one need not succumb to boredom while even taking that relentless bath.

2.Wireless Television – Many people will be of the opine that the coming of mobile phones with the options of video imaging is the answer, but in actual its not what this product is all about. Called as the Sling Media Slingbox, this is a series of technology burst that will allow one to take home TV sources such as cable and satellite and transmit them wireless to a local network or, if prefer, over the web. They can be connected to a number of PCs and also includes a virtual remote control, so you can switch your devices on and off and change channels from anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

3.A Wi Fi Refrigerator – Now this one is classic! You might me thinking the use of a wireless refrigerator as one does not need to carry it along. But the idea of a fridge being controlled by a PC might be an exciting idea. Whirlpool's Central park Connection comes equipped with a Wi-Fi enabled touch-screen computer. The main purpose of this device in the networking industry is to display movies and recipes and thus saves one from needing a standalone kitchen laptop.

4.Wireless Communication Bandage – This is a very interesting product that is best used in a hospital. Vocera's B 2000 Communication Bandage is basically a little lapel badge that can be easily attached. Now here is the catch! This product enables a person to allow hands-free voice communication wherever there’s a wireless network running the Vocera server software. One does not need to remember any number or other nuances as this little gadget operates by voice recognition.

The advantages of these wireless gadgets is that they emit such small amount of beams that they are not hazardous. There are many products that are still in the pipeline and will come forefront very soon. Keep reading as there is a lot more to come.