Networking Going Wireless

'Networking Going Wireless' seems to be a confounding statement, as most of the people associate networking with communication technologies, that are connected only via wires. For most of us the introduction of mobile phones and Internet (that are most rudiment areas representing wireless technology) did come as a great surprise, but thereafter the researchers have not seized to think of other potential ways of making the world go wi fi. This article throws light on such gadgets in the communication and networking components, which humans could never have conceived to be going wireless.

1.Wi Fi Bath – This term already sends a tingling effect to one's stomach. True to its name, this is a unique bathing technology wherein various pre-defined multimedia compositions constructed from sound vibration, customizable chroma therapy (flashing differently colored lights) and music, designed to ease your troubles as it guides you to profound relaxation. Called as Kohler Fountainhead VibrAcoustic bath, this is truly a revolution in bathing. After installing this, one need not succumb to boredom while even taking that relentless bath.

2.Wireless Television – Many people will be of the opine that the coming of mobile phones with the options of video imaging is the answer, but in actual its not what this product is all about. Called as the Sling Media Slingbox, this is a series of technology burst that will allow one to take home TV sources such as cable and satellite and transmit them wireless to a local network or, if prefer, over the web. They can be connected to a number of PCs and also includes a virtual remote control, so you can switch your devices on and off and change channels from anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

3.A Wi Fi Refrigerator – Now this one is classic! You might me thinking the use of a wireless refrigerator as one does not need to carry it along. But the idea of a fridge being controlled by a PC might be an exciting idea. Whirlpool's Central park Connection comes equipped with a Wi-Fi enabled touch-screen computer. The main purpose of this device in the networking industry is to display movies and recipes and thus saves one from needing a standalone kitchen laptop.

4.Wireless Communication Bandage – This is a very interesting product that is best used in a hospital. Vocera's B 2000 Communication Bandage is basically a little lapel badge that can be easily attached. Now here is the catch! This product enables a person to allow hands-free voice communication wherever there’s a wireless network running the Vocera server software. One does not need to remember any number or other nuances as this little gadget operates by voice recognition.

The advantages of these wireless gadgets is that they emit such small amount of beams that they are not hazardous. There are many products that are still in the pipeline and will come forefront very soon. Keep reading as there is a lot more to come.


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The best among all of the above wireless stuff, Wi fi bath is best.. It sounds to nice if some of the things goes wireless.. No need to take pain for them... It will be a great fun..

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