Active Pre load System for Bearings – The Recent From Mechanical Components

Mechanical components is one of the most flourishing industry all over the world. Popular for its wide range of items and devices that are designed to handle, induce, or drive mechanical systems, this time the industry has taken a step forward by launching a new active pre load systems for its bearing segment.

This is a new system where the ball bearings are permitted for variations as per the command. Implementation of this technology can result in the vast application of these active pre loaded system ball bearings to realize the numerous benefits and increase its performance. This concept was launched in order to set the pre load to a high level or low level to judge whether the bearing alignment and stiffness are in compliance with the requirement of such device.

Ball bearings are one of the most widely used components of the mechanical components industry that provides a defined stiffness to the supported pay load. The ball bearings are usually pre loaded application that install a pre selected internal axial load. The main advantages of these active pre loaded ball bearings system includes defined stiffness, reduction in the suspect ability of the bearings and depletion of lubricants with limit permit bearing indentation.

The applications of these active pre load systems in the mechanical components is vast. They are widely used in industries where large thermal gradients may be present. Here these bearings are used to perform the task of tolerating the low bearing stiffness and also provide the means of snubbing to the supported mass during the vibration that is caused by contact with polymeric elements. In case of sliding interfaces, the active ball bearings ensure that proper sliding is maintained through the vibration. Thanks to the ability to harden and lubricate the sliding surfaces, which makes this application a possible success.

The conventional pre loading system of ball bearings encountered the disadvantage of setting a high pre load in order to protect the bearings. Thus, in answer, came the active pre loaded system ball bearings that not only increases the use of pre loaded bearings for a lifetime but also decreasing the operational life time significantly. Thus a few very significant features that have made this technology a hit in the mechanical components industry are -

1.The low cost and complexity requires no assembly and adjustments as compared to the conventional ball bearings.

2.It has high tolerance and can use direct acting linear that makes it sufficiently flexible to accommodate.

3.It ensures the user of a reliable operation and synchronized actuation by installing multiple flexural elements.

4.High ratio transmission, non lineral transmission facilities, low stiffness at low pre loads and semi rigid stiffness at high pre loads make it a popular device.

5.Its actuation displacement profile and over center actuation provides a balanced high pre load states with no holding power.


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