Packaging Trend : The Future Outlook

The packaging industry is going under transformation almost everyday and new technologies that are better than before are taking their place. Consumer behavior, product demand and the current level of global warming are all going to have a direct impact on the future of packaging. This write up deals with all the factors that are going to help the packaging and material handling industry to face this transmutation with a bang. The future of the packaging market is certainly looking bright. Packaging is believed to be the key method of communicating the value added benefits of a product to the consumer. Thus, there is a need to implement a global mega trend to make it even more popular. Following are some of the key trends that if implemented are going to keep this industry on its prime.

The Convenience for Society

All over the world, convenience seem to have emerged as an important characteristic in life of the people. Various changes in the societal outlook viz, structure of the family, number of working women rising, longer working hours and increase in commuting time, have also contributed to the need for convenience. Thus, the need for those kind of packaging, that enables the adult as well as children to open them, has risen. Also the future will see a great rise in the kind of packaging that allows one to indulge in multi tasking, for example, hand held consumption that is easy to open even in a car.

Health and Nutrition

This is also a driving factor in the future of packaging. With the people becoming more and more cognizant about their health viz obesity, low carbohydrate, less fat etc, the manufacturers are deemed to introduce packaging that delivers the various information regarding the product in a convenient, easy to read manner. With the rise in the demand for the food items that contain active ingredients to achieve lifestyle as well as the launch of competitive products in the flicker of a second, the need for changes in packaging in inevitable.

Green Trends

With the rate of greenhouse emissions touching the skies, there is an urgent need to change the packaging trends that have been followed so callously in the past. The fact that even the people have become more sensitive towards the need of green technology, will surely helped in making the future of packaging more eco friendly. Various packaging options like paper bags instead of plastics and other environmentally safe technology are surely going to rule this industry.

Speed to Market

In this fast pacing world, it is important for the manufacturers as well as suppliers to keep abreast with their demand and supply chain. With the world being predicted to keep moving faster everyday, it becomes important for the packaging industry to move with the tide. Speed to the market is another future trend of packaging that is surely going to change the way this industry looks today. Development of an electronic business-to-business network is the call of the hour.


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