Top 6 Must Have Network Accessories

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The buzz of wireless networking has had such a great impact on the world that today every other person is eying to get the latest and the best networking accessory in their computer system or any other communication device. This write up is dedicated to all those tech savvy people who are not sure of buying the networking devices that will suit their communication and networking products in the best of manner. The following add ons will not only give an added impetus to your devices but their small size will make them portable as well.

AT&T USB Connector – Not larger than a typical USB drive, this is one of the smallest and lightest USB drives available in the market today. Having a configuration of 2.6 x 1.0 x 0.7 inches its main features include quick downloading capacity, nifty four-click swivel design and low price.

Pinnacle PCTV HD Stick – This is a revolutionary product for notebook owners. This is a multi facet stick that allows one to watch and even record anything. Though it might appear to be small, but this power packet network equipment is bedecked with features like receiving live and free over-the-air local digital and HDTV broadcasts where available. All you need to do is record and burn them on a DVD.

Pull and Play Speakers by Grandmax Tweakers – for all those who want to carry their music along while making a style statement should go for this networking device. The saying that good things in life comes in small packages suits this product the most. The advantages of being small give this exceptionally functional speaker a chance to be carried anywhere. This speaker can be maximized to its full size by just plugging the set into the headphone jack.

SlimBlade Mouse with Receiver – If you are not very comfortable with your tiny touch pad, then here is a savior. The Slim Blade Mouse with Receiver is a great net book companion. Its small size, ergonomics and light weigh makes it easy to plug it into your communication device.

Mini Instant Messenger – Manufactured by the company called Solo Check Fast, Mini Instant Messenger is a stylish bag cum network accessories holder that can contain devices, business cards, and more for quick access. Its small yet flat design makes it easy to carry as well as show off.

External DVD Burner – This unique product has been launched by Rosewill ROD-EX001. These external DVD burners have various attributes that makes them a desirable network accessory. Having a sleek appearance, high powered USB, and fast speed, just at the unbelievable price of less than $80, these are a must buy for those computer owners who are in the profession or habit of traveling a lot.


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