Noise Control – Get Back to the Basics

Noise pollution is another great contributor to the environmental hazards that the world is encountering these days. Many of us co–relate noise pollution with sound pollution but one fact to be noted is that there is a grave difference between sound and noise. While sound is only for detecting the pressure variation by a human ear, too much non required sound can be termed as noise. Besides having a negative impact on the environment, excessive noise can cause health problems like high blood pressure, impaired cognitive functioning, and other effects of chronic stress in human beings.

This article talks about the various tips and methods along with noise control products, an indispensable part of the sensors, transducers and detectors industry, to limit the exposure to loud noises that can cause great stress to human minds. Following are some of these tips that if installed can reduce noise pollution to a great extent.

1.The saying that technology can prove to be an agony is very true, especially in cases of mobile phones. The rising number of cell phones means rise in the noise created by them. To tackle this, make sure that the ringer of your phone it at its minimum level of requirement. Raising voices during communication should be avoided as well.

2.A very few people realize the noise pollution generated by the dog's bark. All of those who are reading this are advices to discourage your dogs from barking unnecessarily.

3.Reducing the noise in the workplace is also an important step. This can not only mar your performances but also stress you easily. Talk to the employer to find out ways to decrease the noise at the workplace. If in case your request is not fulfilled then it is advisable to look for a job change as that is the only way you can save yourself from a unhealthy life that can prove disaster in the long run.

4.Make special efforts to keep music or any other sound low in the mornings as well as nights as this is the time when the people look forward to relax. As far as television is concerned, switch it off when not in use. It is not necessary to have a backdrop playing all the time.

5.Keeping the windows and door closed while listening to music will check noise pollution to a great extent. One can also install noise barriers or enclose noisy equipment in their homes for that matter.

6.Plant trees. No we are not only speaking in terns of saving the environment from green gas emission but also from noise. How? Well plants have the versatility of controlling noise as well. Plant them around your home to not only let your neighbors enjoy a peaceful evening but also help reduce the green gas effect in your home and surrounding.

7.Last but not last are the various building hardware that can do the trick. In your cars as well as houses get double paned windows and weather stripping for reduction in the noise pollution levels. As a bonus, these changes not only reduce your heating and cooling bills but also help the environment!


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