Digital Trends : Cell Phone Going Green

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With the importance of going green seem to be on every lips, are the cell phone manufacturers going to dawdle behind? Of course, no. When the whole world is chanting the mantra of green technology to save the environment from getting further harnessed, even the mobile phone manufacturers and suppliers want to fulfill their part of the duty. In wake of this a company called Atlas Kinetic has come up with the idea of making cell phones using aluminum and glass. The green characteristic of the cell phone is that it has an oscillating movement which converts movement into electricity, thus saving electricity.

Another mobile phone in the green technology is the solar powered full touch phone. This is also a marvelous product which claims to protect the environment through the design of eco-friendly products and a programme of activities for its customers.

Though these might be the path breaking products in the cellular industry, but however, it is not possible for everyone to own them. Thus their scope becomes narrower. However, there is no need to be disheartened. Read further to know about the tips that one can include in their everyday life and can assure themselves of contributing to the environment.

1.Unplugging the charger when not in use can do a lot in saving the electrical energy. You must be aware that only by powering the switch off, the energy consumption by the electrical hardware is not triggered. Thus, it becomes important to remove the plug from the socket to arrest energy flow.

2.Another step which one can take, is to minimize the amount of back light one uses. If your cell phone's back light is illuminated for more than the requisite time, then energy is being wasted. Keeping the phone at the power off mode when not is use also saves the energy of the battery.

3.Today, most of the phones come with the GPS service. Use it effectively from your phone for directions to save driving time and even the gas that will be consumed by your car otherwise. Replace the phone only when it is most required.

4.Use the alarm available in your mobile phone instead of investing in an alarm clock which consumers battery. If possible use your phone's back light only during the night and do not indulge in charging your phone unnecessarily.

5.Today, the technological advancements has enabled a person to read various news and information on the mobile phone itself. This is the best way to save paper. It is even possible to use the phone as a digital note book, thus saving a lot of paper waste.

6.Last but not the least is the availability of solar charger. With this one need not use the electrical energy to recharge their phones. If not, then you can also request your energy provider to use alternative methods like wind and solar power for the generation of electricity at home.


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