Hydraulic Hybrids – The Greener Side of Hydraulic Components

The higher rates of petrol is pinching every pocket in the world. With the rise in demand for petrol in the developing countries like India and China, the world's supply of oil is bound to get increasingly strained. Researchers have been involved in finding out means to combat this problem and for this some of the hybrid options that have been evolved are – fuel cells vehicles that run on hydrogen and emit only vapour, Bio Fuel vehicles that are made exclusively from plant materials and Electric Vehicles that run on rechargeable batteries. Though all these hybrid options have been a success in their own respective ways ans areas but all of them lack something. To counter this problem and develop an absolutely refined alternative, the Environmental Protection Agency has come up with Hydraulic Hybrids.

Though they install almost the similar concepts that of the electric vehicles but instead of using potentially pollutive and batteries, these incorporate lightweight components and clean fluid to power the vehicle while it's at slow speeds. This write up throws light on the methodology involved in these components of Fluid Power that makes them a sought after product in the automobile market.

Today, this technology can be found in almost all those cars that offer hybrid engineering. The main component is the lithium ion batteries that prove instrumental in moving the car. Available in both gasoline and electric version, batteries get charged though a process called regenerative braking. The brakes of the vehicle also planted in a manner as to whenever the car brake is applied, two pads squeeze the wheel, which causes friction and thus the car comes to a halt. As soon as the hybrid brakes are applied, the friction produced is used in recharging the battery. The battery thus powers the electric motor which in turn makes the car work.

Most of the hybrid car owners complain of slow speed, but thus hydraulic hybrid technology once the car hits 20 to 30 mph, the gas engine takes over and the car operates like any other. Hydraulic Hybrid cars are designed to use three main components to power a vehicle at slow speeds and to augment the gasoline engine. The fuel is stored in the low pressure reservoir, while the fluid is moved with the aid of a pump and high pressure accumulator. Besides, these three components, there is need of energy to start the car. Here the difference between the Hydraulic Hybrid cars and others lies in the functioning. While the hybrid cars send power to the electric motor, which then sends it to the drive shaft, the Hydraulic Hybrid vehicles uses the accumulator to send the energy directly to the drive shaft. Thus, the the vehicle accelerates, and the pump moves the fluid back to the reservoir, ready to charge the accumulator again.

The hybrid Hydraulic vehicles run on a simple mechanism but act very helpful in the conservation of fuel as well as saving the environment from harmful pollutants.


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