Now Adhesives GO ECO Safe!

After fluid power, electronic and electrical goods and god knows what not, it is now the turn of the glue industry to wear the green garb. While most of us will be bamboozled on the prospect of a green adhesive, only a few realize the effect of harmful chemical reactions that take place as soon as these adhesives come in contact with the air. Thus, to take a step further in conserving the environment from getting devastated, researchers at Oregon State University have come up with a revolutionary adhesive that not only works better than the conventional glues but are much more eco friendly when compared.

The adhesives in discussion have been made with renewable sources and are aimed to act instrumental in replacing cancer causing adhesives that are available in the markets. This initiative by the researchers at Oregon University will definitely result beneficial in improving the environment as well as human health to quite an extent. Having advantages like emissions of low volatile organic compound, high performance and cost effectiveness, these glue in the material and chemical industry are free of hazardous air pollutants and ozone depletors and are also helpful in reducing the
environmental impact of building operation
, thus contributing to a safe and healthy indoors.

These adhesives are made from soy proteins, carbohydrates and lignin that besides being renewable sources are also water resistant. The researchers are of the opinion that not only this adhesive will be eco safe but the characteristics of high performance and formaldehyde-free adhesive makes this product much ahead of its established competitors. The idea of this product came from ocean mussels who use water resistant proteins to cling to rocks in order to avoid being washed away by the tide or surf.

Besides these there are various other adhesives and sealants that have unique abilities like polyether moisture that can cure technology that contains no solvents. Some of these glues are attributed with UV resistance and have faster curing time as well. As they are odorless, non toxic and contains a negligible amount of VOC's (volatile organic compounds), they are best to be used at any place and by anyone.

The adhesives manufacturers and suppliers have shown enthusiasm in adopting the green technology in their adhesives to reduce the hazardous impact in the environment. Though they are tied by certain challenges like the product economy, sustainability and specific applications, but still these have not posed a threat to their initiative. This is just a small wake up call for the consumers and a little step by the manufacturers of adhesives, towards a greener environment. Please use these adhesives to contribute in making the world a better place for you as well as your future generations.


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