Computer Peripherals - 5 Keyboards to Look Out For

The most common thing that one does while sitting on a computer is – typing. Have you imagined how would it feel or what will it take to enjoy the boring task of typing on the oh-so-monotonous keyboard! Choosing a comfortable and high quality keyboard is always a priority but when it is added with an extra zing of fun and technology, there is not much harm done. Find below some of the most technologically advanced computer peripherals in form of keyboards that form an indispensable part of the industrial computer components.

1.G11 Gaming Keyboard from Logitech – Though it aims at catering the gamers, it is fun to work upon for non gamers as well. The various key advantages like programmable keys to an sturdy, effective design makes it truly a desirable pick. This is a perfect keyboard in almost every aspect and with it in use, the enormously smooth typing action doesn't hurt at all.

2.Saitek Eclipse III Illuminated Keyboard – Bedecked with various functions like multiple color and dimming options large, sturdy design and great comfort is the Saitek Eclipse III Illuminated Keyboard that is sure to give jolts to your ever finicky job. It has a back light that can add some fun to your computer experience. Easy set up and power scheme with simple USB port makes this computer component even more desirable.

3.Multimedia Illuminated Keyboard from Addeso – If you belong to the genre of people who spend a lot of time in front of the PC and that too in the dark, then is keyboard is a blessing for you. Having a high quality back light with is certainly much better than the other keyboards, this computer peripheral is great fun to work on. Its main features include ultra bright illumination, multimedia capability, and a striking modern design to make your heads turn. It is definitely the best option for those who wanted to have a great gaming experience, and that too in the dark.

4.Madcatz Cyborg Gaming Keyboard – True to its name, this macho looking keyboard is made for gamers. The features of this computer peripheral however, makes it a hit among non gamers as well. Including features like programmable keys, attractive back light and easy connectivity to the USB port, make this keyboard a great option for those who just love jabbing at the keys. Enhanced game playing features and sci fi looking peripherals make this keyboard a must have in the home.

5.Saitek Eclipse II Illuminated Keyboard – In line with the above mentioned keyboard, is the Saitek Eclipse II illuminated Keyboard that offers 3 colors and a dimmer switch that is even more advance than its previous keyboard. This cool looking modern, high quality keyboard without all the extra buttons and customizable functionality is an extension of the Saitek Eclipse III Illuminated, but only for the better.

These keyboards are the latest from the industrial computer components industry that are surely going to make your typing and gaming experience a much enjoyable activity.


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