Transformers : Its Features and Nuances

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Transformers, that form an important component of the electrical distribution equipment segment, is a device that is used to convert electrical energy from one circuit to another through inductively coupled conductors. They are used widely in a variety of applications like increasing voltage through long distance wires and cables in order to transmit electrical energy. This function of transformers have made it possible for the electrical power industry to pass through a series of transformers by the time it reaches the consumer.

Besides, various electronic products also use transformers for limiting their voltage supply to the level that is best suitable for the voltage circuits that they contain. They are also useful in isolating the circuits to contact with the supply voltage, electrically. The transformers in the electrical and electronic component industry are also used in the manufacturing of amplifiers, microphones and record players. It is the audio transformers that assist the telephone circuits in carrying out a two way conversation only via a single wire. They are also used widely in various differential mode signal and act instrumental in transferring signals between external cables and internal circuits.

This write up deals not only with the characteristics as well as applications of transformers, but also expedites on the various usage tips on testing these transformers. To read more please click here....


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