Data Input Devices – The New Face of RFID

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RFID acronym as radio frequency identification includes all those devices that are employed to track and manage the inventory. These devices are often compared with the bar codes that are known to decode a specific type of code. These RDIF products on the other hand have much larger data capacity and carry a unique code that is specific to an individual product with reference to its manufacturing factory as well as the time of its manufacture. Though this technology has been existent in the data input devices industry for quite some time now, but it is only of recent that they have got a face lift.

This write up throws light on the new face of RFID products. They have the advantage of storing practically any information using the global standard of identifications called Electronic Product Code. This product code is inclusive of EAN + serial number or an SSCC number that works as a license plate and can be used for retrieving any information related to the proce, expiration, and other details. This acts instrumental in tracking an entire chain of supply inly through a single commodity. In the electrical and electronic components industry, these RDIF products are gaining immense popularity for their storage capacity.

While most of the RFID products work on the similar pattern there are many options available. Some are bedecked with the attribute of optional memory wherein 64 characters of information which is equivalent to 512 bit can be stored at one go. The advantage of the product being tracked until it reaches the consumer's hand makes it a hit product in the electrical hardware market. This attribute has a direct affect on the inventory management, thus helping the retailers to keep an exact knowledge of its inventory. Be installing these devices, retail shop owners can enjoy the benefit of fewer inaccuracies, reduction in labour costs and most importantly, simplification in the process of the business.

The newest technology in this industry is the Tag on Demand, which sorts the problem of environmental hazard as well. In this method, the Logopak 920 PFR which happens to be a labelling system is used to label pallets from one to three sides with the self adhesive. This makes it possible for the RFID to read bar codes along with other details. RFID products act as a rescue agent against the against reader failures, power outages, or other unforeseen occurrences.


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